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01 Floss Dental Hygiene Services

Biofilm Testing

There are several hundred species of bacteria in the oral cavity, most maintain a symbiotic relationship with our immune system. However, there are many species that are highly pathogenic causing destruction to the tissue in the oral cavity. Find out what oral pathogenic bacteria you have that could effect your overall body health. A simple, easy, pain free oral swab with the help of OraVital.

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02 Floss Dental Hygiene Services

Dental Hygiene Exam

Our hygienists provide a thorough exam of your mouth including oral cancer screenings, head and neck exams, assessments of your teeth, gums, and the area below your gums to help provide the best care plan for you.

03 Floss Dental Hygiene Services

Scaling & Root Planing

Cleaning above and below the gumline with the latest technology in hand instruments and ultrasonic or 'power scalers' to provide you with the best outcome for your oral health.

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Tooth Polishing

Removal of stain (coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and other stain causing factors) from the teeth with rotary or air polishers.

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Cavity Prevention

Fluoride application in the form of varnishes or gels are available in the office. Sealants are another form of cavity prevention for the chewing surfaces of susceptible teeth.

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Tooth Desensitization

Cold sensitivity is a common occurrence with today's diets. Products are available for home use, as well as in-clinic application to help relieve the symptoms of cold sensitivity.